Everything You Need to Know about Glass Blunt Pipes

Consider yourself a weed connoisseur or feel like you’re on your way to becoming one. Then you should already be familiar with the latest trend in the industry – glass blunt pipes! These glass blunts are a cross between a pipe and a blunt and frankly, you are truly getting the best of both worlds when you opt for one. Here’s everything you need to know about blunt pipes.

HIN Mini Thick Glass Blunt Bubbler Smoking Pipe

What Makes Glass Blunts Different


First, let’s compare how glass blunt pipes differ from their paper blunt and joint counterparts. While it’s not something people often think about, actually rolling a blunt takes time. There’s an art to rolling it correctly, and it’s not something you can just rush. If you’re looking to save some time or just aren’t that great at rolling it yourself, then switching to a glass blunt is a great solution. With regular blunts, you have to be diligent about ashing, or else you could find that ash all over you or your furniture. This can cause unwanted burns or stains. When using a glass blunt you can control when you push the ash out, ensuring that all ash is properly disposed of. Finally, when using a paper blunt, keep in mind that you are also inhaling some of the chemical properties of the paper. With glass blunts you can rest assured knowing that you are only inhaling the smoke from the cannabis.

Glass blunt pipes

It’s pretty obvious to most how glass blunts are different than regular blunts that are created with a paper wrap. But how different are they from regular glass bowl pipes? The first and most obvious difference between the two are the size. Since glass blunts resemble an actual blunt, they are smaller and more narrow in shape than your average glass bowl pipe.

This gives users the feel of a blunt without having to worry about always stocking up on paper wraps, as mentioned above. If smaller is better for you when it comes to a pipe, then get your hands on glass blunt pipes. Another thing that glass blunts have over bowls is the ability to control the amount of smoke intake. If you want smaller hits, all you need to do is pack the glass blunt very tightly. If you want more smoke intake and bigger hits, then you wouldn’t pack the tube as tight.

How to Smoke a Weed Glass Pipe

There isn’t just one tool available when it comes to glass blunts. In fact, there are several different smoking accessories that you can try. One of the most popular is the twisty glass blunt. This pipe has a long screw inside, which is where it gets its name from. You just fill the pipe with the material and twist the screw clockwise. This allows the cannabis to twist its way around the screw. The twisty glass tube pipe comes in a variety of styles. Also, you can check our top selling products on Ssmokeshop.


To take things to the next level, there is the glass blunt bubbler. This device works similarly to a bong, however, you use it with your glass blunt pipe. To use this device, you simply fill up the glass blunt with your material and then insert the blunt into the bubbler. Because of their size, they are easier to carry around than a traditional bong and offer the same type of results. There is also a small glass blunt bubbler available if you want the smallest option possible.

If you are looking for something a little more simple, then check out a glass blunt pipe.

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