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2 ft long silicone tube 5mm

2 feet long silicone tube with silicone mouthpiece 5mm Total Length: 85mm, about 2 feet Color : clear(translucent), mouthpiece multi-colors Material : silicone Type: Straight Mouthpiece Size:5mm diameter * 7mm length Fit 5mm to 6mm


2 Glass Replacement Tube 10mm 4″

Set of 2 Glass Oil Burner Bubbler Replacement Part 10mm Tube 4" Glass Oil Burner Bubbler Replacement Part. Diameter: 10mm length: 4″ regular thickness This listing includes 2 pieces

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2 Hemp Wick Ital Small (3.5 feet)

Hemp Wick Ital Hempwick Small (3.5 feet) set of 2 3.5 feet of organic hemp with beeswax for a natural flame.


2 Pieces Rubber O-ring 12mm

Rubber O-ring for glass bubbler oil burner pipe 12mm inner diameter 12mm, for 12mm glass tube. Set of 2 pieces , black color


3″ Glass Pipe lighter Kit

3" Pyrex Glass Clear Hand Pipe with lighter set Clear glass pipe with mini bowl Mouth piece about 10mm diameter. Total about 3 inches length. come with a mini size BIC lighter and a 5"


4″ Glass oil burner pipe purple color

4″ Glass oil burner pipe purple color oil burner for home fragrance oil use only.


4″ Strawberry Oil Burner Pipe

4" Strawberry shape Glass oil burner pipe Pyrex glass ,good quality, about 4" length. With fancy strawberry shape design. Color may Vary.


5 Pop Top BLUNT TUBE 5″

Set of 5 pieces pop top blunt cone tubes 5" Pop Top Color BLUNT AND CONE TUBES Blunt Tube 19mm diameter 120mm hight Plastic J- tube set of 5 Units


5″ Thick Oil Burner Pipe Slim

5" thick Glass oil burner pipe Clear new design Pyrex glass , thick and good quality, about 5" to 5.5" length. With fancy shape design.


7″ Cube Silicone Bubbler Pipe

Color 7" Cube Silicone Bubbler water pipe w/ Glass Bowl Height about 7 inches. the body cube about 3.5".


Acrylic Oil Burner Bubbler 4.5″

4.5" Acrylic Oil Burner Water Pipe Bong w/ silicone tube 10mm Male Pyrex Glass Oil Burner Pipe Silicone Tube with Mouth Piece,about 2 feet length. come with a black bag.



AK-47 STAINLESS STEEL WAX Metal DABBER Gun refile design About 6 inches. Spoon Gun Metal AK-47 Handle


Blue Head Bubbler 6.5″

Blue Head Bubbler 6.5″


Car Lighter Metal Pipe

Discreet Car Cigarette Lighter Metal Pipe It may look like an ordinary car lighter, but it quickly and easily converts to a pipe! Approximately 1.5" and made of aluminum, it's the perfect pipe to hide


Cigarette Bats Hitter Grinder Kit

Cigarette bats and Grinder Set with color Acrylic Case This set includes a cigarette bat and a acrylic two pieces grinder. Two items in one acrylic cylindrical case.


Clear Glass Honey Straw 6″

Clear Glass Honey Straw 6" Clear Pyrex Glass About 5.5 to 6" Length.