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4″ Strawberry Oil Burner Pipe

4" Strawberry shape Glass oil burner pipe Pyrex glass ,good quality, about 4" length. With fancy strawberry shape design. Color may Vary.


5″ Thick Oil Burner Pipe Slim

5" thick Glass oil burner pipe Clear new design Pyrex glass , thick and good quality, about 5" to 5.5" length. With fancy shape design.



AK-47 STAINLESS STEEL WAX Metal DABBER Gun refile design About 6 inches. Spoon Gun Metal AK-47 Handle


Crystal Candy Roach Clip 2.5″

2.5" Crystal Candy Design Roach Clip (1 Piece) Never Fire your fingers again! This small Candy isn't meant for rolling, but it does make your roach clip look extra cool, and by extension.


E-Cigarette 5 Tank Kit

This set contains: 2 tank atomizers 5 tank cartridges 2 batteries 1 USB charger


Free Item-Oil Burner Pipe 3″

Free Item of this WEEK (One item in a single order.)  

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Glass Dome Atomizer 510

Glass Globe Thick Oil Dome Atomizer 510 This atomizer is made with glass for clean and crisp taste with no burning or plastic taste exclusively for use with wax and all full melt concentrates. With


Grenade Grinder Metal Pipe Kit

Include: Metal Pipe , bullet design. Grenade grinder, 3 parts. come with a 7" Hard case grenade design and a BIC lighter. Use for tobacco only.


Number One #1 Urine Substitution

Features Sterile Bladder with 3.5oz of Synthetic Urine Two Heating Pads Fabric Belt to ensure comfort Instructions


Oil Burner Dual Functions Pipe 6″

6" Glass oil burner metal pipe dual functions w/ honeycomb percolator pipe Length: About 6 inches 3 Parts Design(Glass pipe body with honeycomb percolator,rubber o-ring,metal bowl with metal screen)


Oil dual chamber Bubbler Pipe

Glass Oil Burner dual chamber Bubbler Pipe 5" two chamber 3 parts (2 rubber rings, 1 tube glass,1 glass water container dual chambers,1 bent oil burner ) , body about 3" , total about 5" to


SILIKIT KIT ( Bubbler/Pipe/Rig )

SILIKIT 3 IN 1 SMOKERS TRAVEL KIT ( Bubbler - 4" silicone Pipe - Rig ) - Heavy Duty Travel Case - Silicone Pipe With Build in Glass Bowl - 18mm Quartz Banger 4MM , And


Wallet Case Metal Pipe Set

Aluminium Wallet Case Metal Pipe Set Includes: 1 metal hand pipe 3 cleaning brushes 5 pipe screens and 1 aluminium jar All came in a zipper closed aluminium case. Great on the go!


Zippo Bob Marley 1 Lighter

Zippo Bob Marley Design-1 Throwback Lighter The smiling face of Bob Marley is featured in black and white in front of a bright background of green, yellow, and red color imaging on a Satin Chrome



Mouth Diameter: 2 inches Approximate size: 24 inches Color: assorted colors. More water bong , please visit our new website of water bong  AZBONG.COM


Glass Honey Dome Bucket 18F

Glass Honey Dome Bucket 18/19mm Female Joint The Honey Dome is a vapor dome with a fully adjustable"Honey Bucket"bowl. Attached to a swing arm,Honey Bucket bowl can be safely moved away from the dome to