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2 Glass Replacement Tube 10mm 4″

Set of 2 Glass Oil Burner Bubbler Replacement Part 10mm Tube 4" Glass Oil Burner Bubbler Replacement Part. Diameter: 10mm length: 4″ regular thickness This listing includes 2 pieces


Glass Blunt Bubbler 2″

Clear Glass Blunt Bubbler Small 2" Inches Thick Glass. About 2" Inches Height.


Metal Pollen Press T Bar

High quality 9 Piece Aluminium T Bar Handle Pollen Press Includes 4 interchangeable ABS pressing dowels for various amount of pollen Pressing dowels form an extremely good fit inside the barrel so less waste Magnetic


Mini Acrylic Oil Burner Pipe 3.5″

3.5 Mini Acrylic Oil Burner Water Bottle Pipe Bong w/ silicone tube 10mm Male Curve Pyrex Glass Oil Burner Pipe Silicone Tube with Mouth Piece,about 2 feet length. Mini size ,easy carry to go. come


LED Oil Burner Coil Perc Bubbler 5″

4.5" Glass Portable Oil Burner Pipe Bubbler Coil Perc LED Light 3 pieces( glass 10mm male oil burner, 20" silicone tube mouth, glass water container with inner coil perc and LED Light) About 4.5" height.


Original Yocan Torch Portable Enail

Quartz Dual Coil for crystal clean vaping experience. Recommend temperatures 250C-280C / 482F - 536F Optional Pancake Dual Coils also available. Spring Loaded Carb Airflow Control Optional Glass Tank Tube Dome (included) 15 Second Battery

Glass Oil Burner Pipe Skull 5″

Glass oil burner pipe Skull Design thick 5" inches Fancy Skull design and  thick glass tube. Random color, clear,blue,pink,green,amber.


Scorch CNC Eclipse Torch 4″

Scorch CNC Eclipse Torch Single Jet Flame Lighter 45 degree Type: 45 degree Single Jet Torch Flame Fuel: Butane (Refillable) Size: about 4" tall


Wooden 4″ Dugout w/ Pipe

Wooden 4 Inch Dugout with One Hitter Pipe Made From Solid Top Quality Wood. Swivel Top is great for easy access & security. Spring loaded Taster bat compartment. Allen screw reset top! The Perfect Travel


Bent 10mm Oil Burner Pipe 45° 3″

Pyrex Glass oil burner pipe Clear glass 45 degree angle Bent about 3" to 4" Inches outer diameter 10mm and   glass thick 1mm


Bling Metal Pipe w/ Cap 3″

Bling Metal Pipe w/ Cap 3" About 3" length. come with metal cap and metal screen.


5 Pack Rasta Rolling Paper



Metal Bat 3″ Pushout

Metal Pipe Cigarette Spring Bat 3" Pushout Self Cleaning (Push Spring) After you have used the Bat Cigarette Pipe simply push the bottom up and all of the ash. And it is ready for you



The metal downtube and bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and base are standardised bong part A simple but highly effective bong design. Approximate size: 4 inches Color: assorted colors.