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Car Lighter Metal Pipe

Discreet Car Cigarette Lighter Metal Pipe It may look like an ordinary car lighter, but it quickly and easily converts to a pipe! Approximately 1.5" and made of aluminum, it's the perfect pipe to hide


Cigarette Bats Hitter Grinder Kit

Cigarette bats and Grinder Set with color Acrylic Case This set includes a cigarette bat and a acrylic two pieces grinder. Two items in one acrylic cylindrical case.


Grenade Grinder Metal Pipe Kit

Include: Metal Pipe , bullet design. Grenade grinder, 3 parts. come with a 7" Hard case grenade design and a BIC lighter. Use for tobacco only.


Happy Kit (Pipe,Paper,Tube,…)

Includes: The Happy Kit travel case 3 inch glass pipe (color may vary) Plastic magnetic grinder(color may vary) Waterproof plastic joint joint protector 1 1/4" rolling papers One hitter pipe


Happy Kit Mini (Pipe,Paper,Stick)

The Happy Kit Min includes: Carrying Case, Rolling Papers and Tips, Single Drag Stick and Storage Pocket Dimensions 2" x 3" x 1" - Perfect size can fit anywhere! Your lighter will finaly be exactly


Magnetic Card Metal Pipe

Magnetic Credit Card Pipe Easy to clean Discrete and portable design Easy to use Detachable magnetic parts


Mini Silicone Bubbler Pipe 3.5″

3.5" Silicone Bubbler Pipe glass bowl Great gift for smoker , creative smoking pipe. Color random.


Mini Silicone hand pipe 3.5″

Mini 3.5" Silicone hand pipe with metal screen and cap Made of 100% Food-grade Silicone About 3.5 inches length.


Mini Wood Pipe 3.5“

Mini 3.5“ wood Pipe About 3 to 4 inches length.


Oil Burner Dual Functions Pipe 6″

6" Glass oil burner metal pipe dual functions w/ honeycomb percolator pipe Length: About 6 inches 3 Parts Design(Glass pipe body with honeycomb percolator,rubber o-ring,metal bowl with metal screen)


Silicone Blunt Bubbler 3″

Silicone Blunt Bubbler Mini Bong 3" Inches made of Silicone About 3" Height.


Silicone Hand Pipe Spoon 3.5″

Silicone Hand Pipe Spoon with Cap and metal bowl. The only silicone spoon pipe with a metal bowl. Silicone products are made of 100% food grade silicone. Color may vary.


Silicone Pocket Pipe 2″

The Silicone Pocket Pipe provides an extremely convenient pipe design to enjoy your tobacco in style. Made from food grade silicone for an indestructible pipe that is great for traveling, festivals or even home use.


Skeleton Toker Metal Pipe

Stylish hand pipe with unique design! Made from machined alloy, Lightweight,Pocket size Fitted stainless steel gauze Come with a bag steel screen


Smoking Mystery Box



Stone Hand Pipe 1.5″

One solid piece,about 1.5" Use with metal screens Easy to use Smooth finish