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7″ Cube Silicone Bubbler Pipe

Color 7" Cube Silicone Bubbler water pipe w/ Glass Bowl Height about 7 inches. the body cube about 3.5".


Green Silicone Bubbler 5″

Mini 5" Silicone Bubbler w/ Glass Bowl Height about 5 inches. made of food grade silicone. come with a clear glass bowl.


Grenade Silicone Nectar Collector 6″

Silicone nectar collector kit comes with grenade style nectar collector, silicone jar and titanium tip . Colors will vary.


Silicone Avocado Smoking Pipe

Silicone Avocado Smoking Pipe Size: length 4 inches


Silicone Blunt Bubbler 3″

Silicone Blunt Bubbler Mini Bong 3" Inches made of Silicone About 3" Height.


Silicone CD Water Pipe Bong 8″

8" inches silicone water pipe bong oil rig with glass bowl The Silicone mini bong made of 100% Food-grade Silicone Diameter about 2.5 inches Height about 8.26inch


Silicone Football Pipe 4 Inches

Size: 4 inches Color: red-green, blue-yellow


Silicone Hand Pipe Spoon 3.5″

Silicone Hand Pipe Spoon with Cap and metal bowl. The only silicone spoon pipe with a metal bowl. Silicone products are made of 100% food grade silicone. Color may vary.


Silicone Ice-cream Pipe 4.5 Inches

Size: 4.5 inches Style: ice-cream(one style ONLY)


Silicone Pipe Glass Bowl 5 inches

Silicone Pipe Glass Bowl 5 inches Size: 5 inches

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Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl

Silicone Pipe with Glass Bowl Color: Random (For specific color request, please leave us a ORDER NOTE located at the very bottom of your check out page, and we will address your request as best


Silicone Pipe with Metal Bowl and Cap 3.5 inches

Size: length 3.5 inches Color: yellow, red, blue&black


Silicone Pocket Pipe 2″

The Silicone Pocket Pipe provides an extremely convenient pipe design to enjoy your tobacco in style. Made from food grade silicone for an indestructible pipe that is great for traveling, festivals or even home use.


Waxmaid MISS Silicone Bubbler 6″

Waxmaid MISS Silicone Bubbler Starter Kit Water Pipe Bong 6" Platinum cured silicone BPA free,FDA approved. Twe Parts structure Invisible stem About 6 inches Height.


AK47 Silicone Nectar Collector

Silicone Nectar Collector with 10mm Titanium Tip


Pineapple Silicone Pipe

Pineapple Silicone Keychain Pipe Material: Metal pipe and Silicone shell Size: 3″ tall Color available: green and yellow Color: Random (For specific color request, please leave us an ORDER NOTE located at the very bottom