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7″ Cube Silicone Bubbler Pipe

Color 7" Cube Silicone Bubbler water pipe w/ Glass Bowl Height about 7 inches. the body cube about 3.5".


Green Silicone Bubbler 5″

Mini 5" Silicone Bubbler w/ Glass Bowl Height about 5 inches. made of food grade silicone. come with a clear glass bowl.


Waxmaid MISS Silicone Bubbler 6″

Waxmaid MISS Silicone Bubbler Starter Kit Water Pipe Bong 6" Platinum cured silicone BPA free,FDA approved. Twe Parts structure Invisible stem About 6 inches Height.


Clear Glass Water Pipe Bong 8″

8" Buzz Thick Glass Water Pipe Bong Heavy with downstem Heavy Glass. Come with a downstem with built in bowl. About 8" inches Tall.



It's made from BPA Free, Non Toxic, 100% FDA Approved Food Grade, Platinum Cured Silicone Portable to go, free your hands . Magnet for Lighter/tool in slide. Unique suction design. Come with glass adaptor and


Glass Pipe Dome Set 6″

6" inches Glass Pipe Dome Set for Oil Wax 3 Parts: glass pipe, glass dome and glass nail, with Stand Feet. Joint Size: 10mm,Dome Size: 10mm,Nail Size: 10mm come with glass nail. About 6 inches