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Original Yocan Torch Portable Enail

Quartz Dual Coil for crystal clean vaping experience. Recommend temperatures 250C-280C / 482F - 536F Optional Pancake Dual Coils also available. Spring Loaded Carb Airflow Control Optional Glass Tank Tube Dome (included) 15 Second Battery

2.5″ inches Hand Operated Rotary Mill 4 PC Grinder with Pouch & brush

This quality grinder has a hand operated rotary grinder 2.5″ 4 piece Grinder come with black pouch and a brush.

Original Monkey Pipe. Made in the USA.

Original Monkey Pipe. Made in the USA.


Mini Key Chain Pipe Metal Aluminum Pipe(1 Piece)

What you are purchasing is 1 of 5 colors mini key chain pipe. These pipes can be broken down for excellent cleaning care.