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Color Oil Burner Pipe Mini Bowl 4″

4" Glass oil burner pipe mini bowl Pyrex glass , mini bowl design. About 4" length.

Microscope Oil Burner Pipe 4″

1 Piece 4" Microscope Glass oil burner pipe Pyrex glass , microscope design. About 4" length.


Side balance Oil Burner Pipe 4″

1 Piece 4" Clear Glass Side balance color dot oil burner pipe About 4" length, with color dot balancer.


4″ Color Oil Burner Pipe Kit

include: 1pc color 4" inches glass oil burner pipe 1pc  BIC mini Lighter (random color) 1pc  5" hard case( color may vary)


Elephant Color Glass pipe 3″

You will get an 3" elephant glass pipe . Four legs are clear. It is so adorable. Please check out my shop for elephants in many other designs, and message me for any questions. Thank



AW IMR 18350 Li-ion 3.7v 700mAh RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Model :IMR 18350 Capacity (mAh): 700mAh Rechargeable: Yes Voltage (V) :3.7V



Model :ICR 18350 Capacity (mAh): 1200mAh Rechargeable: Yes Protected: Yes Voltage (V) :3.7V Protected Battery is about 2mm - 3mm longer then non protected battery Please make sure this Battery is the correct size for