Original Monkey Pipe. Made in the USA.

Original Monkey Pipe. Made in the USA.


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This is the ‘Original’ Monkey Pipe. Made in the USA.

Originally invented by Erik Sigrist in the mid-1990’s, the Monkey Pipe design became an instant classic because of its portability and comfortable smoking in a compact piece. This little pipe is made from high-quality hardwood, stainless steel screws and nuts, and a nickel-plated brass mouthpiece and roomy bowl, with a custom hand-finish. Two ventilation holes on the sides of the pipe help cool down your smoke, a surprising feature on such a small pipe.

When closed, the Monkey Pipe fits into even the smallest pocket on your jeans. Once turned open at the swivel joint, you’ll be amazed by how much you can fit into the bowl! A stainless steel path directs smoke to the mouthpiece and collects resin, which can be easily reached by unscrewing the anodized aluminum middle piece from the wood bottom piece. Scrape out the gooey goodness for re-use while keeping your Monkey Pipe’s airway clear for an effortless hit every time!

Aluminum Bar Cools Smoke
Small Portable Pipe
Smooth Smoking Experience

The color of the wood and aluminum mid-section on the Monkey Pipe you receive may vary from the photo.


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